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Twyford's Neighbourhood Plan

Twyford Parish Council and volunteers from the village are creating a Neighbourhood Plan to put in place planning policy to guide future development. A Neighbourhood Plan is a legal document and, once approved, Wokingham Borough Council must take it into consideration when planning future development in Twyford.

What next for Twyford?

Twyford Parish Council is sponsoring a Neighbourhood Plan which will outline a resident’s led vision of what Twyford should look like in the future. This will be a wide-ranging survey and plan for many aspects of village life including housing, transport, health and wellbeing, environment, social life and employment.

This is especially important right now as the new Wokingham Local Plan is being developed. This will set the scene for development in the Borough all the way to 2036 and it’s vital that we have a proper say in this. An effective way of ensuring that we do this is through a Neighbourhood Plan which will allow us to describe what we want and what we feel the future of the village looks like. If accepted by the village it will form part of local statutory planning regulations and give us greater control of development in the village.

But to do this we need the commitment of residents and other members of the local community to come together to produce the plan. As it will be a statutory instrument to guide and direct planning authorities it needs to be put together with care and will be put to the test of voters in Twyford Parish through a referendum hopefully next year.

We will need people to help manage, plan, collect evidence, publicise events and produce the plan. If you are interested and would like to contribute, in any way large or small, or are just interested in what we are proposing please contact and help us kick-off the next phase of the project.

Neighbourhood Plan Meeting Minutes

Neighbourhood Plan Sub Committee Meetings take place every month. Find out more about these meetings, meeting dates, agendas and minutes.

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