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Twyford Twinning Association

Twyford has been twinned with a village in France called Cuincy (pronounced kwansee) since 2018.  The idea of being twinned with a town or village in another country is to foster friendship and understanding and to promote cultural, sporting and professional links between our citizens.

Cuincy is located only 50 miles from Calais and very close to a town called Douai in Northern France.   There have already been a number of visits to Cuincy and Cuincy people have visited us here in Twyford.  The Twinning association are always looking for new ideas to forge links between the two villages and already have an annual football tournament and held a joint concert with choirs from both villages. One Cuincy school has visited Dolphin school. A sketch book, completed with sketches of Twyford, was taken to Cuincy and they have responded by completing one with sketches and artwork from Cuincy.  There are plans for exchanges between the snooker clubs, table tennis and archery (a scout team). A cycling exchange is also in preparation. The Association are always on the look-out for new ideas to promote friendship between the two villages.

If you would like to find out more, please email: [email protected]

or contact the Chair, Hazel Evans [email protected]