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Councillor’s agree on 2022-23 budget

Twyford Parish Council is your local council providing local services to Twyford residents and visitors.  

Throughout 2021/22, many more people have been enjoying our local spaces during the lockdowns. Our Ranger, Park Warden, and ground maintenance contractors have worked hard to tend to the King George V Recreation Ground and Stanlake Meadow sports pitches and open spaces. Our volunteers have added stunning areas of wildflowers both in the parks and areas around the village. In November, following our successful planting of over 80 trees in 2020, residents helped plant over 30 more trees in Stanlake Meadow. Work in the parks is ongoing, tennis courts have been cleaned ready for the next games and repairs are being carried out on play equipment, entrance gates, and benches.  At the request of residents, we will also be replacing a small bin in the playground with one of a larger capacity.

Stanlake park

Some maintenance work has been carried out on the Stanlake Pavilion and the cricketers will enjoy the recent repairs to the showers in the summer. Rental income from the hire of Stanlake Pavilion has been reduced since March 2019. The Council received several Covid grants and was able to subsidise the sports club fees accordingly. Due to the pandemic, fewer events have been held, although the Council was able to offer the use of Stanlake Meadow for the Beer Festival in June 2021 and residents also enjoyed the Tree Festival in November 2021, an event coordinated by the Council.

Stanlake park

The Council provides support to the Twyford and District Youth Centre by contributing to the Duke of Edinburgh sessions and youth outreach work. Grants have also been made to organisations supporting Twyford Residents suffering financial hardship or offering health support.  The Council is working with Age UK, Involve, Ruscombe Parish Council and the local social prescribers to provide therapeutic gardening sessions to residents that would benefit. 

NHS Bench

Other areas the Council look after include Jubilee Corner, Bell Corner, the burial ground, the war memorial, and two allotment sites. The Council also manages the village defibrillator network, 170 streetlamps, coordinates Twyford in Bloom, and regularly meets with local organisations to progress Twyford’s Climate Change plan.  The village gateways, to slow traffic coming into Twyford, were funded partly from the Council’s capital reserves.

With help from residents, businesses, and a local generous benefactor we have also been able to provide floral displays in the way of the Bell Corner planter and summer and winter hanging baskets.

Throughout 2021-22 this was provided to residents by the Council for just £38.24 per household!
[Note: Information correct for a band D taxpayer]

Floral Display

Precept for 2022-23

The precept forms part of your Council Tax bill.  The Council resolved at their meeting on Tuesday 25th January 2022 to use £17,000 of Parish Council reserves to reduce the Parish Precept to £127,238. For the next financial year, the precept will therefore increase by almost 10% which will equate to approximately an extra £3.80 a year per household (total of £42.04 a year) for a band D taxpayer.  This income will enable the Council to continue providing the same services as last year.

Within the 2022-23 financial year, funded by grants, the Neighbourhood Plan will go to public consultation and referendum.  Working groups continue to explore the ideas of extending the skate park facilities and extending the Stanlake Pavilion as possible future projects.

Throughout 2022-23 the Council will also fund the following projects from their capital reserves:

  • King George V Recreation Ground CCTV upgrade
  • Stanlake Meadow hedge laying 
  • Information boards for the stag beetle habitat and wildflowers

Bee on a Flower