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NFCC Dog Walking Safety Tips

The NFCC (National Fire Chiefs Council) have released the following  safety advice for dog walkers near water:

Make sure you can control your dog near water, on and off the lead.

If you let your dog jump into the water for a swim, make sure it can easily get back out.

Never enter the water to try to rescue a dog; they often manage to scramble out but many owners need rescuing.

Most dogs can only swim for short bursts. Don’t let your dog enter the water if it’s older or tired.

Avoid throwing sticks or balls into the water – there could be unseen dangers such as rocks or debris beneath the surface.

Never lean over the water to help pull your dog out – you could topple in.

If your dog has struggled in the water it should be checked over by a vet. Inhaled water can cause drowning.

Make sure you know exactly where you are – consider something like an OS locate app for a smart phone, or a map.

Don’t assume that, just because you have walked a route many times before, it is still safe.

Avoid walking near water in the dark.