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Twyford Parish Council in Berkshire | 0118 9345444 | [email protected]

Francis originally came from Edinburgh but has lived with his wife in central Twyford since 1982 and for four years before that in Charvil. Their son was educated at the local schools. He now considers himself almost a Twyford native!

After a working life in the photographic and then world wide web industries, Francis is now retired and finally has the time to devote to local Twyford matters, which have always interested him. He started by joining the Twyford Neighbourhood Plan Working Group in late 2019 and more latterly the Stanlake Pavilion Working Group. He was elected to the Council in May 2023.

During his time living in Twyford Francis has very much enjoyed the continued village community atmosphere though much else has changed in the last 40 years. He hopes to be able to help preserve that and build on it.

Francis sits on the Planning and Amenities, and Finance and General Purpose committees.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07887 774982

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