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Twyford Parish Council in Berkshire | 0118 9345444 | [email protected]

Twyford in Bloom – mapping of ponds, wildflower areas and woodland in Twyford.

Local resident Gavin is looking to map ponds, wildflower areas and woodland in Twyford and he’d  like to know any areas to be added to the map: [email protected]

Twyford Parish Council are supporting Gavin with this initiative to help showcase all the good work being done in Twyford to help insects and wildlife.  It will also help us to identify where there is currently a lack of wildlife friendly features.  We also hope this might inspire people to create new features or to support existing initiatives.  Please let us know any areas to add and please send photos too.  To be included ponds should not have goldfish or carp in them.

The map can be found here:

 Points on the map fall into one of three categories:

1) Wildlife ponds.  Shown with a frog symbol

2) Wildflower areas.  Shown with a Bee symbol

3) Woodland areas and tree planting.  Shown with a Tree symbol

Each point on the map can (optionally) be loaded with a photograph showing what’s there.