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Twyford Parish Council Stands Against Any Form of Discrimination

Twyford Parish Council stands against any form of discrimination, racism and injustice. The unfortunate circumstances surrounding the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, America, reminds us that we must not tolerate injustice in any form.

The Parish Council will work with our communities to bring about meaningful change. We are committed to listening and learning how we can most effectively challenge inequality and stamp out injustice.

This year with Covid-19, it has been a testing time for our community and Twyford has demonstrated its strength, resilience and support for each other, irrespective of our differences. Sadly we have seen many infections and deaths in this country as a result of the pandemic, and the
disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on people who are from BAME communities
has been deeply worrying.
Please keep safe and know that in Twyford we truly believe that Black Lives Matter.