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Twyforward 2020

Twyford Arts and Crafts Festival

Stay Safe,
Be Creative

We are gathering Twyford’s experiences and thoughts during this strange time. In months and years to come, we will look back and celebrate the strength of our community. Most importantly, TWYFORD is looking FORWARD to build on the positives achieved.

Join us in documenting your thoughts, experiences, successes, anxieties, sadness, joy and your hopes for the future.

Memories can be any form and any medium. The greater the variety the better.

writings – diary excerpts / stories / poems
paintings / drawings
songs / music / dance
photographs / video clips

We want to hear about your discoveries and experiences, skills you have learnt and friendships you have built.

The list is endless! Your imagination is your only barrier.

We plan to hold a celebration exhibition in the village at a later date. In the meantime, add to and enjoy our virtual gallery through this memory archive.

This is not a competition and there is no age limit. Submissions are welcome from everyone in our village.

Newest memories