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Stanlake Meadow recreation ground offers recreation facilities for all ages. It has a number of exercise facilities in a “fitness trail” around its perimeter, a cricket pitch and football pitches with a pavilion and a play area currently provided for Colleton After-School use. The field offers a pleasant area for sports but also for general recreation. The meadow can be accessed on foot from Waltham Road  and vehicular access is available from Stanlake Lane.

Twyford Family Picnic in Berkshire - children climbing

Sports Pavillion

The modern sports pavilion building in Stanlake Meadow provides changing rooms and facilities for ‘home’ and ‘away’ sports teams playing football and cricket in the adjoining meadow, a small kitchen area and a reception area, used as needed, as a Polling Station and currently on contract to the Colleton School, for after-school activities. A free car park is available for users of the facilities, during normal daytime hours only