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About the King George V Recreation Ground

Twyford - King George Playing Fields - Skate Park

King George V recreation ground offers a Skateboard park, Tennis Club facilities, an enclosed play area for younger children and an attractive open area for general recreation. The field can be accessed on foot from Loddon Hall, Hermitage Drive and the Wargrave Road and parking is available off Wargrave Road and at Loddon Hall.

Grass Labyrinth in commemoration of King Charles III Coronation

A Twyford in Bloom project, supported by Twyford Together was created in April 2023 and is hoped to captivate interest as people wind their way through the unique pattern. The labyrinth will develop over the coming seasons and the standing stone centrepiece which is Welsh Sandstone has been sourced from Llangorse Quarry and is guaranteed to be at least 450 million years old.

The labyrinth is in King George V recreation ground and has been created by David Goff Eveleigh, Wales’ foremost fire and elemental theatre artist who has a keen interest in labyrinths, their design, symbolism and ancient roots. One of David’s most renowned maze’s is the Penpont Green Man Millennium Maze which was commissioned by Gavin and Davina Hogg for their family estate.

Labyrinth’s can be traced back over 4000 years and unlike a maze, a labyrinth is a single path that can be used for personal, psychological, and spiritual transformation. We invite you to walk the path to the centre stone and see where your journey takes you!

Racing Labyrinth

2 RUNNERS – one at each entrance. On ‘GO’ race off in the opposite directions. Always follow your own path and race for the centre. Both ways are the same distance. At some point you’ll cross each other’s paths.
The beauty is no one knows who’s winning until the very last moment! Distance of the run to the centre is over a third of a mile!

Try 2 relay teams – as above. When your runner reaches the centre, then the next runner in your team hits the track.

Processing, hopping, unicycling and piggyback racing are also encouraged. Be creative and invent your own rules!

Alternatively, walk as a meditation.


Video Footage By Henry Robinson

Video Footage by Graham Breadmore