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What are Neighbourhood Plans?

A Neighbourhood Plan provides local communities with the chance to manage the quality of development of their areas.  Once a Neighbourhood Plan is approved at a referendum, the Plan becomes part of the Borough Council’s statutory development plan and will carry significant weight in how planning applications within that area are decided.  Plans must therefore contain only land use planning policies that can be used for this purpose.

Twyford’s Neighbourhood Plan

Twyford Parish Council and volunteers from the village created a Neighbourhood Plan which sets out a series of planning policies that Wokingham Borough Council adopted on the 20th July 2023 and will now be used to determine planning applications in Twyford up to 2038.  The Plan will form part of the development plan for the Wokingham Borough, alongside the adopted Wokingham Borough Core Strategy and Managing Development Delivery Local Plan 2014, and then by the emerging Wokingham Borough Local Plan 2038.

Twyford Neighbourhood Plan Adoption

The Twyford Neighbourhood Plan was ‘made’ (adopted) at Council on 20 July 2023.  The plan now forms part of the development plan for the area and will be used as the starting point for determining planning applications within Twyford Parish.

A copy of the adopted plan along with the decision statement can be found below:

Hard copies of the plan and decision statement are available for inspection at:

  • Wokingham Borough Council’s Civic Offices, Shute End, Wokingham, RG40 1WP between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM (Monday to Friday)
  • Twyford Library, Polehampton Close, Twyford, RG10 9RP (during normal opening hours)

A press release by Wokingham Borough Council was also published on the 3rd August regarding the adoption of the Twyford Neighbourhood Plan, and can be viewed using the link below:

Wokingham Borough Council Press Release

Twyford Neighbourhood Plan – The Journey

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Twyford Neighbourhood Plan - Referendum Results

Declaration of Result of Poll

Declaration of Result of Poll for the Twyford Neighbourhood Plan:

The Road to Referendum

Following the receipt of the Examiner’s Report, the final version of the plan was approved by WBC’s Executive Committee on the 20th April 2023 to progress to referendum.

Copies of the Twyford Neighbourhood Plan can be found below, and hard copies are available to be viewed at Twyford Library, Wokingham Borough Council Office’s, and Wokingham Library.

Notice of Referendum has been issued and you will be given the option to vote on Thursday 6 July 2023 in a Parish-wide referendum, on whether to adopt the plan. Please do have a read of the policies and if you have any questions or would like anything clarifying, speak to us at one of the upcoming events details of which can be found here

Referendum Documents

Notice of Referendum

Notice of Referendum for the Twyford Neighbourhood Plan:

Notice of Poll

Notice of Poll for the Twyford Neighbourhood Plan:

Twyford’s Neighbourhood Plan Policy Boards – June 2023

This set of policy briefings have been prepared to help explain the purpose and intent of the proposed Neighbourhood Plan.

Twyford’s Neighbourhood Plan Examination

Following the six week (Regulation 16) consultation period, Andrew Ashcroft was appointed to undertake the examination of the Twyford Neighbourhood Plan.  Mr Ashcroft will consider whether the Plan meets a set of prescribed ‘basic conditions’ and other legal requirements.

The relevant examination documents can be found below:

Regulation 16 Consultation

Wokingham Borough Council have commenced the Regulation 16 submission consultation on Twyford’s Neighbourhood Plan. This consultation will run from Wednesday 12th October 2022 until 5pm on Wednesday 23rd November 2022 and you can find the consultation comments form and other information on the Twyford tab of the WBC website.

You can view the submitted documents by clicking on the below:

Neighbourhood Plan Comments Form

Respond to Twyford’s pre-submission consultation for regulation 14 policy documents with your comments.

Neighbourhood Plan Policy Boards - March 2022

This consultation has been prepared by the Twyford Neighbourhood Plan Working Group to update you on progress and to seek your views as we build the Neighbourhood Plan.

Neighbourhood Plan Meeting Minutes

Neighbourhood Plan Sub Committee Meetings take place every month. Find out more about these meetings, meeting dates, agendas and minutes.

Twyford Residents Questionnaire Results 2019

Throughout 2019, our Working Group has put together a survey, been out and about in the community at events such as the Donkey Derby, publicised the plan on social media and placed banners throughout the village. We’ve now compiled the results of the survey, which we pleased to be able to share with you.